I have loved this months collaborations. I hope you have too.

A big thank you goes out to The Delightful Unicorn and also Pineapple Lobster.


I love the quote cards from The Delightful Unicorn. All handmade just for you.

You can find some wonderful pieces for your planners and fun stationery from their Etsy store here. It’s a great little shop.

You can also follow them on Facebook here and Instagram too.

I asked Nicki how she came about setting up The Delightful Unicorn. I always love to hear other people’s stories. This is what she told me.

” I started selling stationery before I branched out into planner accessories. I have always been creative and find crafting really soothes me. Suffering from bpd and bipolar makes it difficult to have a regular 9-5 job, but running my business has changed my life. I have met some wonderful people within the planning community and have developed a bit of an addiction to buying planners, which sounds great but I’m running out of space to hide them from my partner haha”.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Nicki. Your creations are just wonderful.


And we were super lucky to have Claire from Pineapple Lobster join us to design some amazing artwork for us this month. Her work is just sooooooo cute.

We have the ‘Dreams come true’ postcards and also note cards which I hope you all loved as much as I did.

I was instantly drawn to Sarah’s work as soon as I found her on Instagram. It’s just so happy and so colourful. I love her style. I find it so uplifting.

Here she is on Facebook  and Instagram . She’s worth following. Her images make me smile daily : )  She is opening an online store soon. I can not wait.

Here’s a little bit about Sarah.

She’s a nurse by trade and used to be in the RAF, But is currentlly a stay at home Mum to her 2 children. She tends to draw food she says as that’s what she thinks about all the time.

Thank you to both ladies this month. You certainly made this month’s happy mail even happier.

Happy Monday everyone!!!