I am so excited this month about teaming up with Maple & Whisky.

I found them earlier this year on instagram and have fell in love with their handmade candles.

The coffee and carrot cookie cake candle was perfect for this month’s kit mystery gift. I wanted your Coffee and Cupcake Kits to smell of coffee when you opened them. I hope it was a lovely surprise.


I wanted to find out more about Maple & Whisky seeing as I’ve been buying so many on their wonderful candles this year.

This is what they told me:

Jordi from Maple & Whisky

Well Lisa and I are a couple from Colchester in Essex. I’m 25 and Lisa is 24. I’m entering my last year of a graphic design degree in London and so have always been interested in branding and creating brand identities. Lisa and I are both huge Disney World fans and took our first trip to Orlando three years a go and we’ve been back there every year since! We also love candles and scented products. We always come back with a big bag of Bath and Body Works goodies when in the US. We’d talked about the idea of making our own candles because it seemed quite simple to get started and it would be awesome to have our own candles burning at home. But then we realised how amazing it could be to combine our love of Disney and our love of candles together! After some research, we couldn’t find anyone online in the UK that were making and selling Disney inspired scented candles. There were a couple of people in the U.S. that we’re selling some but the shipping costs for us were always sky high! So we decided to create Maple & Whisky to provide people of the UK with Disney scented candles that were actually affordable! We’re proud to say that everything we do is done by just the two of us. I’ve designed all the labels and packaging and we’ve both created all the scent combinations we sell. We make, package and send everything ourselves as well as working part time jobs and studying!
We’d love to take our little company further in the future and we’re so happy to see like minded Disney fans enjoying our candles!
Find them on Instagram.
Which is where I’m off now as I want to order some Halloween/Autumnal candles.
Their Christmas range looks very tempting too.
I hope you loved your candles this month.
Don’t forget the excitement tomorrow.
fun stuff tomorrow