Homemade pizza is just the best pizza as far as I’m concerned. It’s a family favourite in our house. It takes a little forward planning but is well worth the effort and you can also freeze the dough to make it quicker for next time.


The Pizza Base ingredients are simple and easy to keep stocked in your larder.

1kg Strong White Bread Flour

20g Dried Yeast

Just over 1 pint of tepid water (room temperature)

1 tbsp Runny Honey


This is also the same recipe that I use to make bread.


Start by adding your dried yeast to the warm water and add the honey too.

Allow it to sit for a few minutes and watch it do it’s thing. The yeast now starts to activate, which is why the water needs to be hand warm.

It will start to froth on top like this.

Weigh the flour and add a little salt. Stir the yeast mixture before adding it to the flour.


I like to use a mixer with a dough hook, but it’s no bother if you don’t have one.

Instead, place the flour on the table and make a well in the middle and slowly add the yeast mixture folding in the flour until everything is well mixed.

It’s obviously much quicker though using an electric mixer.


With the mixer in no time the dough will look like this.


Take the dough and place on to a floured work surface. It’s now time to knead.


I love kneading bread. There’s something very homely and wholesome, making your own bread.

It may take a little time, but I always make mine whilst the kids are having their breakfast in the kitchen before school, so I can chat with them at the same time. It doesn’t feel like any hassle at all.

Knead for a few minutes. The dough will become very elastic and lovely and smooth on top. If you find it’s a little dry, add a splash of water. At no time should it be sticky so that it sticks to your fingers. If you find it is, then add a little flour. Kneading at this stage should be clean, not messy.


The dough now needs time to prove. This is why I like making this at breakfast time. I pop it in to the largest mixing bowl I have, cover with cling film and leave.


An hour and a half later I came back and took this photo. I always get so excited as the dough rises.

This is so much fun making brad with younger kids. The amazement!!


You can make the pizza bases when you are ready. If it needs to stay in the bowl all day, there is no harm in doing this.

Now to prepare the topping. The tomato sauce.

You can obviously buy ready made. I personally whizz down this super fast sauce. It’s so easy. For the 4 of us, it’s 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, a squirt of ketchup, a pinch of dried basil and seasoning and mix.

The sauce is then done.


Now back to the dough.

Take off the cling film and scoop out of the bowl. It may be a little sticky now. Make sure your work surface is well floured.


And need it once again until it’s nice and smooth.



This recipe makes a lot of dough. I cut off a smaller piece for each pizza and roll out.

Set the oven to as high as it will go.


This makes 3 very large pizzas and there was enough left over for a couple more.

The great thing now is, you have enough to make garlic bread with the left over dough or I pop mine in a freezer bag and use it another time for another meal.

Just defrost when you need it next and knead and use.

When your bases are ready, spoon over the tomato mixture.


I like to leave a space around the outside.

You will need to choose your toppings now.

We like strong cheese, so although mozzarella is the popular choice, we just have extra mature cheddar cheese. Then add whatever toppings your family like.


Then bake for a few minutes until is starts to crisp up and the colours change. You want that base to start looking golden.


And the great thing about homemade is that you can top to suit everyone.


And now enjoy!!

Word of warning….it’s super hot!!

I’ve burnt my mouth many a time as I can’t wait to tuck in.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

Any leftovers…perfect for lunch boxes the next day  : )