mini pies

I love pumpkin pie.

My first ever experience of pumpkin pie was when I was 19. My Dad had moved to the US just a few weeks before and I went out for Thanksgiving. We spent it with his inlaws (Grandma & Grandpa) They were everything you would expect from an American Grandma and Grandpa. So sweet. Grandma loved to bake and cook and since then pumpkin pie (and homemade fried chicken) always reminds me of her.

I thought this year I would make mini pumpkin pies. I like picky foods. It’s so much easier and less informal. Sat with a coffee, this is just perfect. This is also a great treat for me as I don’t have an overly sweet tooth. They kind of remind me a little of egg custard tarts.

If you enjoy baking, I really recommend the mini tart tray from Pampered  Chef. I bought mine about 15yrs ago and I still love it. It’s so easy to make mini tarts and pies. I use it loads.


It comes with the wooden tool. I do cheat and buy ready made short crust pastry. Then all you need is a small pot of plain flour, break off a small piece of pastry and roll to a ball and place in the tray (I no longer even oil my tray now). Then dab the wooden tool in to the flour so that it doesn’t stick when it comes in to contact with the pastry, then push down in to the centre of the pastry and twist to create the hollow centre which is now your tart case. Then repeat to make the rest. So easy!!


The pumpkin filling is just as easy.

I buy tinned pumpkin. The make is Libby’s and I believe it 80% pumpkin and 20% squash.  Mix the 1 can with 2 eggs, a can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 tbsp of spice. I use pumpkin spice, but you can use cinnamon with mixed spice. Mix until smooth.

The oven needs to be set to 220c.

Spoon the pumpkin mix in to the pastry cases and then bake for 15 mins, then reduce the heat to 180c for about 15 mins or until they have risen slightly and gone golden on top.

Once cool I dusted mine with icing sugar.



The perfect Autumnal treat!!