29 10, 2020

Patreon News….All 4 Tiers…

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Patreon News....All 4 Tiers... . . Hello!!  I have the final Tier details today... Once again, if you need a catch up to know what's going on. Please read this blog post here  (this one also explains what Patreon is) and also here. I'm launching Patreon on the 1st November, so here is the final [...]

28 10, 2020

More Patreon Excitement & Details…

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More Patreon Excitement... . Hello!! I have more patreon details for you today. If you've missed all the Patreon details up until now, you can catch up on this previous post here first. Did you see the announcement about the Tier 2 yesterday? . . Tier 2 - Yellow is called - Get Journaling & [...]

27 10, 2020

Journal Process with Katie Moody – plus video

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Journal Process with Katie Moody - plus video . . Do you fancy joining in with Katie's journaling challenge? . I hope you are loving your October ' Treat Yourself' boxes.   We collaborated this month with Katie Moody. Along with Katie's little memo pad, there's also some journaling prompts. We'd love to see how you [...]

21 10, 2020

DIY Projects using the ‘Treat Yourself’ Kit – with videos

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DIY Projects using the 'Treat Yourself' Kit - with videos . . Hiya! Thank you to everyone who has purchased this month's 'Treat Yourself' kit. I've been really looking forward to sharing these fun (and easy) DIY projects with you. . . Firstly, I made a sweet little tag mini book using the pouch in [...]

20 10, 2020

October Treats Scrapbooking with Vicki

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October Treats Scrapbooking with Vicki . . Hey Everyone, I have a 12x12 scrapbook layout to share today using the October Treat Yourself kit.  The photo is of some pumpkin cupcakes from my favourite bake house. My friend went with her parents and brought us some back as a surprise treat! . Recently I've been journaling/memory keeping [...]

19 10, 2020

Wondering about a Winter Box?

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Wondering about a Winter Box? . . Hello!! So now that the October kits should be starting to arrive, let's talk November.... I know how much you love the Alice theme so I thought ''why not have a Winter Alice theme?''. I thought that would be so much fun.  The thing that really inspired this [...]