candy cane bark


This is something that I make with my kids every Christmas. It’s very easy and very yummy. It also makes a lovely sweet gift.


I use 4 large bars of chocolate. It’s always a great way to use up chocolate. I used here a large bar of Cadburys with sweets in, plus 3 bars of unbranded milk chocolate. Sometimes we also add dark or white chocolate. Whatever we have in the cupboard.

Bring a small amount of water to the boil and place a bowl over the top. Break up all the chocolate in to small pieces and place in the bowl and stir until it all melts and is nice and smooth.


Whilst the chocolate is melting you need to break up some candy canes. I used 3 and they were mint flavour. Chocolate and mint always goes well together.


Take a large baking tray, cover with greaseproof paper and pour out the melted chocolate and spread evenly. Once you have done this you can sprinkle the candycane pices over the chocolate. We also like to sprinkle little white chocolate stars and edible glitter flakes (the spray is for after).

Now leave to set in the fridge.


Once the chocolate is set and solid, all the pieces that you’ve sprinkled will have set in to the chocolate and you will have 1 huge bar.


You can now have some fun with the silver spray. Then break in to bite sized pieces.


We store our’s in a small Christmas tin. But to give as gifts you can pop some in to clear bags and tie with a big red bow.

So festive……and very yummy!!!

Enjoy x